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The CD player remains one of the best digital forms of musical reproduction, despite the presence of other high resolution formats such as DVD-A (DVD Audio) and SACD (Super Audio CD). Extracting the most detail possible from the CD format is vital. Unfortunately most CD players are designed and manufactured for the mass market, where a quick turnover of products is the norm and the units are expendable.

The CD players we supply are high quality units, finely crafted from the very best materials. While you will not find them in your average store, they also do not sound like those found in the average store. They have warmth, clarity and balance - aspects often neglected in mass produced players.

Our quest for the "Holy Grail" in CD Playback has culminated with Ancient Audio's range of Lektor CD players. Offering superior sonic abilities, visually beautiful appearance, built in state of the art preamplifier, the versatility of custom finishes and the sort of value for money being directly and favourably compared to the competition at four and five times the price, and it becomes (from its award winning review) "a no brainer".

... when compared to the reference Zanden four box at five times the price... the Lektor released more energy and spunk to appear somewhat faster and more angular on rhythmic fare with more treble reach, more light and now also more potent bass.

The Lektor is part of the Ancient Audio range which also includes The Integra integrated amplifier, the Silver Grand Monoblocks and the Holography two way speakers.

Lektor Prime

Lektor V