True Life Audio (TLA) Ikarus Monoblocks

Rare opportunity to acquire these very special SET amps

Tube complement is:
Audio Note 4300 E 300 B's
Audio Note 4242e 211's
Grant Fidelity SE 6SN7's

Weight is 44 kgs each, in excellent condition

Priced at R165 000 for the pair ( price of tubes alone is over R50 000)

Price: R165 000.00

Parasound 2250 v2 THX Certified Power Amplifier 275 Watts RMS in Perfect Condition

Price: R25 000.00

Cube Audio Nenuphar 10” Speakers

Cube Audio Nenuphar 10” Speakers in Piano White finish. As new, in perfect condition

Price: R150 000.00

Synergistic Research Galileo LE Speaker Cable 2.5M

Spade connector at both ends.
This model is the older one with MPC Schuko connectors for active shielding, requiring power strip

Price: R29 500.00

1x Pair Fostex FE 138 SE R Drivers, New, Never Fitted.

Rare opportunity to aquire these collectors item

Price: R12 000.00

Garrard 401 Turntable with exquisite double plinth and footers

Price: R18 000.00

Motor and internals updated to Loricraft specs.

Accessory Specials

Acoustic System International ASI Resonators

Copper Basic

Price: R1 000.00


Price: R2 000.00

Gold Special

Price: R3000.00


Price: R300.00


OYAIDE Across 900 XLR 1.3M - NEW

Price: R2 500.00

Harmonic Technology

Pro 9 SPKR Cables

Price: R6 000.00

Silver Crystal Phono

Price: R4 000.00